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martes, 13 de noviembre de 2007
Para que practiqueis el ingles
Como mi blog es en español, cada mes o cada par de meses mando un email a los amiguetes australianos y los que he conocido viajando para que sepan como me va, por supuesto en inglés. Ayer envie otra actualizacion, y la pongo aqui para que la podais leer tambien vosotros, pues igual encontrais informacion que no he puesto en este blog.

Hi everybody again!

Pretty crazy last couple of months. After the asian adventure I've back to the old continent, catching up with friends (local and aussies) and family. Now it's time to move.

As always, if you feel lazy and don't want to keep reading you can get a grasp of what has been happening looking at the photos:


So, I arrived back home (valencia) in the middle of september, with only few days before heading off to the south of france whereI met the aussie crowd to spend few days in a lovely country house in the middle of the wineyards, where we ate a lot of dry meat and cheese (uhm cheese!), drink french wine and german beer (yeah, we didn't trust the french one) and watch a bit of the rugby world cup (before the antipodean debacle).

Afer that we moved on to Munich, where we drunk even more german beer and, thanks to Micah, could slept for free with another 20 people in his appartment (space where normally live 5 people). we drank more bavarian beer (did I mention that?) but we also could do a bit of cultural tour, including the first concentration nazi camp.

Then was time for Valencia , I took the skippies to my family summer house and we just relaxed, ate, drank, swimmed and did a bit of city sightseeing. It was very nice showing my local town to good friends.

And then Chantal came to visit me and I took her to a spanish tour where we could keep going with the drinking and eating festival, checking out few of my favorites places and some nice wineries, and he even had time, between catching up with friends, to do some of the tourist things, like attending a mascleta (gun powder display), go to a bull fighting (where chantal didn't make many friends openly supporting the bulls), watch pelota game (vasc sport, kinda big squash played with bare hands were you bet all your money) and of course visiting San sebastian (my favorite place) where we tried to break the world record of eating what are probably the best pintxos (tapas) in the world.

The final ball was celebrating my birthday again with the old friends (and Chantal) after quite a lot time abroad.

So what's next? well, I'm going back to sydney, yes, love matters, but I'm going the long way, trying to go around the world for first time in my life.

Tomorrow I'm heading off to Canarias islands where I'll try to get a place in a sailing boat to cross the atlantic to the caribbean . now it's the season and there are plenty of boats on that route, so wish me luck!! around 2.000 miles that should take around 3 weeks, depending on the trade winds. Once in the caribbean, wherever and whenever I arrive there, I plan to fly to sydney .

It's a bit of scaring thing to do, but I reallly want to try it. As Seneca (the roman philosopher) said: "If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable."

So that's all for now.

Hope this email finds everybody happy and safe.


Garbo/Bill/Bob/Leo/Crazy spaniard
Bueno, Bill-gilio, se optimista:
Si no te importa donde acabes, cualquier viento es favorable.
(A fin de cuentas, la tierra es redonda).
pozi! romano y mas exactamente de Córdoba

Y si, cualquier viento sera favorable, ahora solo me falta estar en un barco para poder aprovecharlo!
Love matters, eh? Ya me parecía, al ver las fotos. Como has sido tan discreto hasta hoy, no estaba seguro.
Sabia que alguno le sacarias el jugo al post en ingles, cosas que normalmente no menciono.
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